The Fisherman

Tricia Sebastian
Tricia Sebastian


Additional lyrics by Alby Martinez

This song was inspired by my dad Alberto E. Martinez. I will always remember those hot summers days on the boat fishing, water skiing, and cruising around in the Gulf of Mexico.  I wrote this song to make my daddy happy knowing that among all his many talents, his ability to relax and enjoy life will always inspire me.


Now my daddy’s name is Beto, and he just loves to fish / You know what I mean, one of those men that the sea it’s just in their blood, old navy men / Well, my daddy would go out fishing you see / And when he’d return home / we’d all run outside to greet him to see what he had caught / 

Now sometimes his catch was real big / and sometimes it was nothing at all / but we all knew Daddy was happier still / cuz fishing just gave him that special kind of thrill!


Late in the night after fishing all day / next to the fire Beto rested and prayed / He saw the stars above and he wished for what he loved / closed his brown eyes and thanked his almighty God. (For fishing of course) / CHORUS / A fishing trip now and then / alone or even with friends / that’s what he loves so that’s what he does / takes fishing trips just because. / Early to rise and early to eat / He fried up some eggs, potatoes and meat / he poured coffee in his thermos / and hopped in swimming trunks / grabbed all his poles and was ready to go / on a fishing trip just because. / CHORUS / And if you listen closely / well he’ll mumble words of hope / Fishy, Fishy, Fishy / bite my hook / you can be the captain / and I’ll be the cook. / He fished over here and he fished over there / he fished all day long while he whistled his song / he had caught a pail of trout / then he watched them flop about / then came the time to reel in his lines / he’s a fisherman / there’s no doubt / Hey! / CHORUS / Oh, that’s what he loves / so that’s what he does / he’s a fisherman just because / that’s my daddy!