What a blast!

Tons of fun at the CATS Music School's open house and Soledad's Birthday party today!  Mr. Singer and Kerry Appleberry started the day off ROCKIN OUT and getting the kids dancing and shaking!  Gudrun from the Skokie Library then led the kids off in interactive storytelling and after I did a demonstration class and sang. Joel Frankel took the stage next and while setting up the kids made maracas.  He had some great songs and led us in the Happy Birthday song for Soledad! We all had cake while he finished off his set and the ETC Teen Choir took their stop with some amazing tunes and harmonies.  They ended with a sweet song for Soli, and stayed for the ending event led by Chris Clemente, a jam session.  My brother Alby, husband Steve, family members, Erwin, Kyle, Jeremy, and Lani all joined in!  Thanks for everyones participation and help! Love ya! xo

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