Songwriting and School Bookings

Well I've been very happy lately with the news about my songwriting, I was a Nominee for Best Children's Song in the American Songwriting Awards and just got word two of my songs are moving on to the next round in the USA Songwriting Awards!  I've been writing like crazy and having lot's of fun doing it!  I've also been booking concerts, private lessons, and residencies for the upcoming school year!  Now is the time to make your school plans with CATS-Creating Arts Together With Songs and let me help you with your music education.  I have other teachers on staff and would love to hear from you!  Join my email list for upcoming new song releases and check out my merchandise store at  xo 

The Kindie Cat Shop

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I've been working hard to create some unique designs for all sorts of products you to wear and decorate with!  From some of my professional promotional shots, to blooming flowers in my back yard, and skulls shaking maracas, there's a little something for everyone and some great gifts for infants to adults.  Visit my shop at  Happy Shopping and leave me a comment if you have a favorite design idea! 


Private Lessons!!

Hi friends!  I've been working hard this school year with my own kids, concerts, songwriting, and getting things lined up for the summer.  It's been an exciting year of singing and playing for thousands of you and I'm so honored I get to do so!  

I now am offering a some spots in my schedule to take on PRIVATE LESSON STUDENTS ONLINE or IN YOUR HOME if you are in my area of 60076.  Online you can take lessons from anywhere!  I'm offering Guitar, Voice, Choir, and speciality lessons like Latin Rhythms for Guitar, Music for Educators, Early Education Songs, Estudiantina Songs, Mexican Songs, and more.  If you are interested please visit my profile at: to register today!    


HAPPY THANKSGIVING MY CATS FRIENDS!  I have been very busy writing new songs, teaching classes, and performing.  It's been all very exciting and fun to be visiting some new and old friends again!  The latest news is that other than having a great gig at Old Town School, I have a new location to teach my CATS classes at in Niles, IL!  Hoot hoot! My new schedule is listed under the register tab and some more classes are still to come!  Keep checking in my friends, or leave me a note and request an artist or concert of one of your favorite locals.  Or tell me what kind of class you would like to see being offered, I love to hear your thoughts! I'm always willing to listen and collaborate. I am so thankful for you! My listeners and supporters!  xo Tricia   


Walker School class CATS at Play! 


I'm excited to be introducing and booking some residencies and after-school programs for CATS! I just finished working on a mailer to send out to some of the local schools and libraries about what CATS Music School has to offer in forms of school concerts, classes, residencies, and workshops! I'm also talking with another new music school about teaching a drama class on Saturdays in Evanston, IL.  If it works out, I will let you know how to register and when we will be starting. It's right around the corner and a great program with an awesome founder.  Meanwhile, I booked a couple of classes with Club Wonder at the Skokie Public Library for families with special needs children.  I'm looking forward to opening and closing their season!  :D  Keep singing my friends! xo

What a blast!

Tons of fun at the CATS Music School's open house and Soledad's Birthday party today!  Mr. Singer and Kerry Appleberry started the day off ROCKIN OUT and getting the kids dancing and shaking!  Gudrun from the Skokie Library then led the kids off in interactive storytelling and after I did a demonstration class and sang. Joel Frankel took the stage next and while setting up the kids made maracas.  He had some great songs and led us in the Happy Birthday song for Soledad! We all had cake while he finished off his set and the ETC Teen Choir took their stop with some amazing tunes and harmonies.  They ended with a sweet song for Soli, and stayed for the ending event led by Chris Clemente, a jam session.  My brother Alby, husband Steve, family members, Erwin, Kyle, Jeremy, and Lani all joined in!  Thanks for everyones participation and help! Love ya! xo


HI my friends, I'm so excited that my music school is up and going! I'm taking registration, handing out brochures, and planning for my open house! Mark you calendars for Sept 8th, 2013 on Sunday in Wilmette, IL at Fisher Dance Center on 807 Ridge Rd. It will be free and there will be plenty of entertainment for the family! Especially, your little ones! Bring a guitar or your instrument to play along at a jam session and plan on having some cake as I also celebrate my daughter's 7th birthday!  Exciting things happening for CATS LLC! Meow xo

My first post and new transitions in music

HI All, I have taken a break from children's music and have been writing some songs of adult nature.  I've always wanted to record other material and I think now is the time I started doing some things a little different as my career has changed.  I'm looking forward to working with some great musicians but mostly myself and my guitar self evaluating. Best wishes to you and yours. 



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